Data at scale to improve personalised marketing


Data at scale to improve personalised marketing

"Halfspace has helped us build a scalable and future-proof data foundation for our business operations, spanning several countries. By integrating fragmented data sources from different core systems, we are now able to deliver a truly omnichannel experience to our customers", Director of Technology


Improving Customer Experience

Data analytics and insights that are immediately actionable, reducing time-to-market significantly

Increase Sales

A More data-driven approach to marketing and customer management

"Throughout this transformation, Halfspace has been a trusted partner who has understood our challenges and worked in a highly structured manner to help deliver an enormous impact on our effort to improve personalised marketing. In particular, Halfspace has been very good at understanding our complex business models within a short timeframe, come up with the adequate technical recommendation in terms of platform and finally deliver a product living up to our expectations"

Director of Technology


One of Europe’s largest players in the entertainment industry welcomes millions of guests every year. Revenue is generated both from the sales of tickets, online and in their physical locations, as well as from sales of food and beverages in the physical locations. 

The company was using a marketing platform to handle automated campaigns and deliver personalised marketing activities. However, to improve and further personalise the customer experience, and thus increase sales, it was decided to implement a more data-driven approach to marketing and customer management. To get started, the company wanted to explore how data could be used to improve customer and campaign management through an omnichannel marketing platform. 

To deliver on the ambition, the company first had to tackle the challenges with their data infrastructure. The primary challenge was to collect and streamline all data sources to create a solid and scalable foundation and thus be able to deliver a truly omnichannel customer experience. 

It was important to ensure that all data was easily accessible across formats and types of data. The data infrastructure should connect and integrate with existing platforms, tools, and solutions, and be accessible and fit to serve multiple users (employees) with different needs across the organisation. And the data infrastructure had to be flexible, future proof, and support future data analytics investments. 


To meet the challenge, Halfspace built and implemented a scalable cloud-based storage (data-lake), based on Microsoft Azure technology, that integrated all relevant and available data sources. The set-up ensures that the unified data is ready for future analysis directly from the data-lake, which also feeds the omnichannel marketing platform with new consistent data. The company is now able to personalise marketing activities with even more relevant content and campaigns by identifying audience profiles and matching these with the relevant contextual data and content. 

The Key Takeaway

The company is now all set to fulfil its strategy of delivering a truly omnichannel experience across a wide variety of data sources, platforms, and audience segments. The data foundation provides data analytics and insights that are immediately actionable, reducing time-to-market significantly.

Having a single and unified data view in the data hub, means that the company now can create truly automated and personalised messaging through its marketing platform. This has already proven to be a driver of business growth and competitive advantage for the company.

With a solid, unified, and scalable data infrastructure in place, the company is now ready to kickstart advanced data analytics, machine learning and AI initiatives - and move forward on their data-driven journey creating competitive advantages within the industry.